Immediately drive up your sales with our Mobile POS

With our mobile POS system, your wait staff can eliminate the wasted minutes spent shuttling between the table and your old POS system, where they often need to wait in line and send inaccurate orders.

  • Wait staff take and send orders from the POS system, right at the table.
  • Guests get their orders quicker, increasing turnover and guest satisfaction.
  • Wait staff spend more time with the guests, making your guests happier, and ordering more.
  • Want to see a video of our POS tablet system?  Watch Video

Super easy to use

We’ve designed our POS so you and your wait staff will understand it from the get-go.

  • Are you scared of switching because wait staff will have to learn a new system and may make mistakes?
  • We’ve designed our system to require minimal training.  With intuitive menus and simple commands, wait staff will be able to use the POS from day one.
    Don’t believe us?  Go to the PayFirst University Laboratory
  • Utilize our robust series of educational videos to quickly learn how to manage the back-end of your restaurant system.
  • Scared of the transition? We’ll set up your restaurant layout and import your menu for you!

Nurture Customer Loyalty

We give you a built in guest loyalty program, so you can easily track and reward your best guests, ensuring more return visits.

  • You don’t need to set anything up.  Our system enables wait staff to add guests to your loyalty program at the table or main terminal from day one.
  • Save guests’ emails to share promotions and special events with valued guests.
  • Quickly identify your highest paying guests, so you can give them discounts or free items to encourage them to come back and spend more.

Gift & Loyalty Cards Made Easy

PayFirst makes it easy to run gift card programs.  We do all the work for you.

  • With our POS, you can effortlessly set the parameters for your gift or loyalty card program: Tell us how many you want and what design you prefer.
  • Then, call us with your order and we’ll print the cards with your chosen image or images and ship them to you for immediate distribution to your guests.
  • Our system will track and integrate the redemption of the gift cards automatically, so you need to do no work.
  • Want to do it yourself? That’s fine too. We’ll give you the information you need to set it up on your system and print the cards yourself.
Instant e-Commerce

Want a website to handle take-outs? We’ll set one up for  you.

  • After your restaurant menu is loaded onto the system, we’ll use it to instantly generate a website from which customers can quickly order take out.
  • Choose a theme from our wide selection to match the décor and style of your restaurant.
  • Start earning sales from a new direction.
  • Increase customer engagement with your restaurant.
  • Your website will be integrated with your in-store POS.

Amazing Analytics

In today’s business environment, incisive analytics can differentiate between failure and success for your restaurant.  We’ll provide you with all the tools to edge competition and grow your business.

  • Keep track of your major expenses to easily see what you can do to drive up margins and sales.
  • See what items are selling fastest and at what times sales are hottest.
  • Measure the performance of your staff; who’s doing the best job up-selling.
  • Track how new initiatives fare at increasing sales and margins.

Robust Business Management Tools

Whether you personally manage your restaurant or are an absentee owner, our management tools will make it easy to track activities and organize your business.

  • Absentee owner? Track every activity and expense so you can watch and feel comfortable your business is running well.
  • Keep track of when and why tickets are voided.
  • Keep activity logs secure so only you, the owner, can see them.
  • Keep track of expenses.
  • Keep track of your invoices to know what you have and haven't paid.
  • Manage labor with punctuality control for clock-in/out.

White glove service

Anything you need, we’re here to help.

  • With our expert multilingual customer support, we’re always available to answer any questions you may have.
  • Intimidated by the transition process? We’ll set up the POS system, load your menu, and configure your floor layout, so you can launch right into growing your business.


After transitioning to PayFirst’s POS, we saw an immediate increase in sales.  Guests are getting their food quicker and my wait staff is happier because they have more time to attend to guests.

Restaurant Owner in South Jersey


We’re extremely glad we decided to use PayFirst’s POS system. We’re able to get the food out quicker and with fewer voided items. Plus, guests marvel at the technology and consider us cutting edge.

Restaurant Owner in South Carolina

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