Super Easy to Use

We understand you want to focus on growing your business, not learning about a POS.  So we’ve designed our POS to work intuitively and easily, so you can focus on what matters.

  • It’s intuitive. Checkout stations require no explanation. Just plug them in, and let your cashiers start scanning.
    Don’t believe us?  Go to the PayFirst University Laboratory
  • Quickly and easily accept multiple forms of payment on one transaction.
  • Back office is easy to manage with intuitive inventory management.
  • We’ll help you set up or transition to our POS so you can get rolling immediately.

Speed & Stability

Nothing can devastate your business more than lanes going down or software slowing down.  That’s why we’ve optimized our software for speed and multiple redundancies, so it will always run lighting fast.

  • Process credit card transactions in seconds with our proprietary EDC payment gateway.
  • Continue operating even if your server goes down: Lanes may operate independently until the server comes back online and you can easily reconnect the system.
  • If Internet goes down, easily switch to processing cards through the phone line.
  • If Internet and phone line go down, manager can authorize forced transactions that will be stored and batched in a bundle when Internet or phone line returns.

Inventory Management

Easily maintain inventory and quickly see when items are low in stock. Quickly generate a purchase order from the inventory management system.

  • We can print a barcode based on an existing UPC number and import existing barcodes.
  • Painless Stock Takes - Quickly generate and complete full or partial stock-takes. Or, simply walk around the warehouse or shop with a barcode scanner and add item counts directly into your inventory management.
  • Export your purchase order to PDF or other file type for quick and easy email to vendors.
  • Always know what's in-stock, on-order, and in-transit.
  • Define multiple price levels and promotional pricing.
  • Use the built-in merchandising reports to analyze current levels, spot sales trends, and make better buying decisions.
  • Find your hottest sellers with our inventory tracking feature.

Labor Management

Track every action by your employees to reward success and motivate productivity.

  • Reduce labor costs through punctuality control with clock in/out functionality.
  • Track the length of time employees work at stations and how efficiently they move customers through the lanes.
  • Use our activity logs to ensure employee accountability.

Nurture Customer Loyalty

Track customers, set up customer credit accounts, and generate gift and loyalty programs.

  • Simple to use Customer Profile.
  • In-Store credit creation, redemption and balance tracking.
  • Set credit limits.
  • Flexible pricing options include full support for discounting, sale campaigns, and price variation by customer type.
  • Create a loyalty program to reward frequent visitors.

White glove service

Anything you need, we’re here to help.

  • With our expert multilingual customer support, we’re always available to answer any questions you may have.
  • Intimidated by the transition process? We’ll set up the POS system and help load your inventory so you can start immediately or transition seamlessly from your existing system.
  • If you need special features, let us know and we will accommodate.

I needed to update my systems, and PayFirst promised to make the transition easy. They exceeded my expectations. They set up the system quickly and seamlessly, and were immediately available on the phone when I had a question.

Supermarket Owner


I looked at a lot of POS solutions, and PayFirst’s stood out as having the most features and being the simplest. Since we started using them, we haven’t had a down system.

Supermarket Manager in New York



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